MP3 audio format

If you want your music on the net you really should have in the mp3 audio format. Here’s a brief explanation of what an mp3 is.

The name mp3 is an abbreviation for MPEG Audio Layer 3. MPEG stands for the Motion Picture Experts Group. These people have developed video compression systems which includes such formats as DSS, HDTV and DVD. MPEG Audio Layer 3 or mp3 is an offshoot of the video compression technology.

The compression used in an mp3 file is based on 3 things;

  • Sometimes, one sound will mask another.
  • We hear some sounds better than others.
  • There are some sounds we can’t hear.

By eliminating these sounds from the original song file the mp3 format is able to shrink the file size down to about a tenth of the original.