Rhyme and how to use it in your songwriting

A Rhyme in Time, now that’s creative. Almost as original as rhyming moon with June. I would call them both rhyme crimes. But what exactly is a rhyme? Is it two words that sound the same? Pretty close. Webster’s has several definitions. My favorite is: “A word answering in sound to another word.” which makes me think of Jeanette McDonald and Nelson Eddy singing, “When I’m calling you, will you answer true”.

But I digress.

I’ve compiled a list of the rhymes I think are the most important, but there are lots more.


1. Perfect Rhyme – major accent

Which is subdivided into Masculine, Feminine, Trisyllabic and mosaic forms.
The masculine is perhaps the most common and certainly the most used. It commonly has only one syllable, but there are exceptions such as retrain/refrain. As long as the last syllable is stressed it will be considered masculine. Because the main attribute of masculine-rhyme is that the two words have the same sound in the middle vowel and the ending consonant or vowel sound. Such as, yep you guessed it, moon/June or tree/me.