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Welcome to the Recording Forums. I’m old dan, aka Dan Monk, and have been involved with music, songwriting and recording forums for years. I am most known for the years I spent with The Recording Website and the now defunct Freedom Exchange, Dan Grays songwriting message board.You may think it strange a website named the Recording Forums doesn’t have a forum but I believe there are enough audio and home recording forums already. Not to mention all the excellent songwriting forums. The Recording Forums are more about information and learning and not so much about interaction. You are free and encouraged however to comment on any of the recording or songwriting articles you find here.I’ve been gathering all the old recording and songwriting articles I have and am in the process of updating and revising them. I am also converting several databases of songwriting and recording forum posts to html pages. The idea is to offer you tips and tricks you can use in your home studio, ways you can record your music more cheaply, write better music and maybe show you a good time.

I would also like to stress this site is not intended for commercial songwriters or professional audio recording engineers. I was amazed at the level of songwriting talent on the Freedom Exchange online songwriters workshop and the abilites of the audio engineers at the Recording Website are way beyond my modest cabilities. I have the highest respect for the creative folks who write commercial song lyrics and the talented engineers who record their music. But most of the articles I have are for those of us who look at songwriting and audio recording as a hobby. I like my music cheap and easy, and you can finish that joke yourself.

Hopefully you can pick up a recording or songwriting tip to help you write better songs and get your musical ideas on tape.

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