All of the recording and songwriting articles I (and others) have written over the years are contained here.

 Most audio recording articles are up to date but you may still read recording tip and tricks for a 4track cassette desk. On the other hand there are still folks who use 4 and 8 track cassette machines – some people love the simplicity of turning on the deck and punching the record button. Most of the recording articles are geared to computer recording since most folks today use the digital medium to record their audio tracks.

Songwriting articles are less time sensitive – the difference between a great song 100 years ago and a great song today is very often little more than tempo and instrumentation. How to use rhymes, phrasing, melody, tempo and still keep the song cohesive is something musicians and songwriters have always strived for.

 So whether you want to record your latest rock masterpiece or write the next great love song – our ever growing list of audio recording and songwriting articles should help your creative juices flow. Please check out our many songwriting howtos and home recording guides.

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