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On the old Recording Website the main focus was on the recording forum but there were lots of helpful and knowledgeable audio recording articles. My goal is to compile as many if not more articles here on the Recording Forums. Below is a list from the Recording Website articles page from March 2003.

PC recording

Tips on how to set up your computer and use it to create great music. You will learn what to plug in where and also tips on what software is available and how to use it.

Welcome to the digital world. By Ken Lanyon
Recording Music On Your PC By Dan Monk (Old Dan)
PC Recording By Edward Dijk (EddieCD)
Questions & Answers to PC Recording By Dan E. Monk (Old Dan)
Computer Recording Maintenance by Ken Lanyon
Encoding MP3s by Dan E. Monk (old dan)

Home Recording Basics

Audio information for the beginning home recording engineer. Almost everything you need from setting up a $300 studio to how to make your home recording sound professional.

Getting Started in Home Recording By Daniel J. Haas
The Equalization Primer By Robert Dennis
A Compression Kickstart By Ken Lanyon (Slider)
How To Make Your Home Recordings Professional By Robert Dennis
A Beginners Guide to Microphones By Ken Lanyon (Slider)
Recording On A Budget by Edward Dijk (EddieCD)
Soundwave Basics By Ken Lanyon (Slider)
An Introduction to Mastering By Stephen J. Baldassarre (Silent Bob)

Tips and Techniques
Tips and techniques. Eq, compression, microphone placement, reverb, shaping your mix and more.
Speaker Placement By Rick Hammang
The Equalization Primer By Robert Dennis
A Compression Kickstart By Ken Lanyon (Slider)
Reverberation by John Moxey
Microphone Placement Approaches By Robert Dennis
(Administrator, Recording Institute of Detroit)
Shaping Your Mix By Robert Dennis
Phase Relationships by Ken Lanyon (Slider)
Panning Doubles By Robert Dennis
Patchbays- The Nerve Center Of Your Rack by Ken Lanyon (Slider)
Gating and Expansion by Ken Lanyon (Slider)

How tos and Projects
Want to know how to make your own cables or microphone? Calibrate analog tape machines? Check here.

Analog Tape Calibration by Ken Lanyon (Slider)
Homemade Microphones By Stephen J. Baldassarre (Silent Bob)
Making Your Own Cables By Ken Lanyon (Slider)

Micing and recording individual instruments
This is a new category and the list is kinda short now. But it will soon grow.

Micing an Electric Guitar Recording Website Staff
Micing Drums Recording Website Staff

From the very basics to advanced midi control. Soon you too will know what SMPTE synchronization, sync codes, Midi Time Code, FSK, Midi Clock, Midi Sync, and Absolute sync mean.

Understanding and Using MIDI
Part 1- General Concepts0
By Ken Lanyon (Slider)
Understanding and Using MIDI
Part 2- Using MIDI Messages
By Ken Lanyon (Slider)
Getting In Sync Part 1 By Ken Lanyon (Slider)
Getting In Sync Part 2 By Ken Lanyon (Slider)

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