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I’m sailing on a Frozen Sea

The sea is throwing daggers at my face and at my knees
the sky looks down so solemn, so grim and then it speaks
It tells it’s tale of winter, I dream of Mozambique
I’m sailing on a frozen sea.

My daddy longed to sail away but he never left the dock.
My momma sings a sad song it echos  from the rocks.
The sea is looking hard now I think I could have walked
I’m sailing on a frozen sea.

Still life water color waves
paint a picture so cold.
Salt spray in my hair
I think it’s frozen there
I’m sailing on a frozen sea.

I see a stranger smiling in the mirror beside my boat
reflection of my destiny strangely it gives me hope.
My section of eterenity where I’ll forever float
I’m sailing on a frozen sea.

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