Two Shots Rang Out


Have you heard the story of a young girl and a ghost?
It was in this very barroom, I’ll tell you how it goes.

Two men walked in from outside and sat against the wall.
The younger one, Charlie, pulled his hat below his brow.
He’d spent his life a drifter, had never known a friend,
death rode right beside him like a song upon the wind.

The old man was an outlaw, his face carved out of lead.
a soul as cold as old dried wood, a heart that never bled.
He just sat there quiet, like a statue in the park,
while ghosts flew ’round his eyes and whispered in the dark.

Daisy waited tables, she’d been waiting for so long
to find a way to anyplace or a man both sweet and strong.
She had fed the lions, laid down with the lamb,
believed in the good book and the sinfulness of man.

Her mother had always told her, be careful when you wish
because the thing you’re wanting is sometimes what you get.
With fear an smoke an sweat an stink all dancing in the air,
Daisy looked at Charlie and saw her future there.

Charlie tipped his hat back, stared up in surprise.
Daisy stood before him, longing in her eyes.
The old man spoke sharply, he said “son, I’ll handle this”.
“How much darlin’ for just a little kiss”.

Daisy had no answer, in truth she never did,
men had always used her, ever since she was a kid.
Silently she said a prayer, her eyes on Charlies face.
The old man kept laughing at her fear and tattered lace.

He grabbed her by the arm, dragged her up the stairs,
her screams were like silence, no one seemed to care.
While up there behind closed doors things unspoken passed,
Charlie clung to his drink so hard he broke the glass.

Then something in him twisted, he could take no more
He drew his gun, ran upstairs and pounded on the door.
He screamed, “you’ve always taken everything I’ve loved,
but this time you’re dying, I swear by God above.

Two shots rang out
in the night.
Two shots rang out.

Daisy still waits tables, tho’ she no longer waits
for a man both sweet and strong, she knows that it’s too late.
Charlies dad’s took off that night, is very rarely seen.
They say he may have holed up somewhere near Abilene.

It’s Charlie now who haunts this bar, his spirit will not rest
love is all he wanted, but all he got was death.
you can hear him in the shadows plotting his revenge,
longing for release, remembering when

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