Home recording archives

Home recording and general music posts archived from the Recording Website. Some of the info here is outdated but many of the audio recording and home studio tips are still good.

The Early Years – Post from the old threaded wwwboard
Archives 1 thru 12 contain home studio and audio recording tips from 2000
Archives 13 and 14 contain home studio and audio recording tips from the first two months of 2001

The Yabb Boards Posts from the first of the modern forums (Yabb).
This archive covers home and audio recording posts form February, March, April, May and June of 2001.
It is also when the Freedom Exchange first became part of the Recording Website so quite a few songwriting posts are in this archive as well.

Pre RID YabbSE Posts
Recording Website Archives late Feb. 2001 ro early March 2003. This was the second big move after changing from wwwboard to yabb. Yabb was based on cgi/pearl and the new forum software, yabbse was php based. Also, these posts were before RID (the Recording Institute of Detroit) took over the site.

There are two archives:
Recording Website Archives from late Feb. 2001 to Late October 2002
with 27955 Posts in 4792 Topics
Recording Website Archives from October 2002 to early March 2003
with 13294 Posts in 1760 topics

The Music Board
The precursor to the ‘Can We Talk’ and ‘It’s All About The Music’ boards.
Some very interesting discussions about music, performing and musical artists.

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