Pre Recording Institute of Detroit

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Original post from Slider:

Hey all. As moderator of this forum, I guess I should say a few words. I have been hard at work beefing up our articles page, and we have some cool new ones that I am sure everyone can gleen some knowledge from. These subjects would include analog tape deck calibrations, different ways of panning stereo guitars, encoding MP3s, perfecting your mixes, and computer recording. On top of those new articles, there are the old standards on MIDI, Compression, microphone placement, homemade mics and cables, making money with your gear, the mastering process, and patchbays. There are more articles than I have listed here, so I highly suggest everyone to check them out at our articles page. I am also currently writing an article on how to use Protools Digi001, as well as microphones. The list goes on. If there is ever any article a person wants to see, let me know. On top of that, the links page is always growing and we are certainly open to any sites that you have found helpful.

Old Dan is working hard at getting REAP up and going, which is our Recording Enthusiasts Assistance Page, where you can post a link to your online song and allow people to critique it and get suggestions on how to make it better. What other recording site offers that?!

This site is always expanding, and those of us behind the scenes are really excited about where the site has come from, and especially where it is going! We want to make this the best recording site on the web, and help spread the word to everyone. So I guess this board marks a new begining for us here at The Recording Website, and if you are new, we would like to welcome you to our little family, which is always growing. I encourage you to register yourself and create a profile so that we may get to know you better. In the future, I will be using this board to update you on things going on here at The Recording Website, including new articles, and links. As always, we welcome your questions and comments. Just click at the link on the bottom of the page to drop us a line. Enjoy the site!

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