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The Recording Website originally used Matt’s WWWboard to run it’s forums. It is a threaded message board with posts arranged like an outline. That form of message board has it’s advantages but it didn’t have the features or security of the newer boards like the old UBB forum software and the YABB board. So early in 2001 the Recording Website Forums were moved over to the YABB software. Of course some of the info here is outdated but many of the audio recording and home studio tips are still good.

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Subject: Basic PC recording question
by draz   04/01/01 at 04:37:27

Hello everyone,

I’d like to know from those more experienced how vital it is that the computer you use to record audio be used soley for audio.

Reason I ask is because presently I use a Dell 420 Workstation and it’s fantastic for my needs in graphic design. It’s a PIII 800 Mhz 512 ram system.

Can I expect many pitfalls along the way using this computer for both audio and design? Is anyone doing it like this with any success? I don’t think I could afford another workstation at this point.



Subject: Re: Basic PC recording question
by Slider   04/01/01 at 17:04:06
 Hey Draz. I know two reasons why it’s nice to have a dedicated computer for audio.  1) It’s nice to have the space on the harddrive for large wav files.  Obviously, if is already packed with program files, then there is less space.2) YOur recording software may have application conflictions with other programs and may cause crashes.Both these reasons are not to say that you cant record audio on your regular computer.  I am sure lots of people do it, and I myslef use cool edit 2000 with no problems.  So it obviously can be done.  There may be other reasons why you should use a dedicated computer but I havent run into them yet.  Good luck.

Subject: Re: Basic PC recording question
by pcrecord  04/03/01 at 09:07:50 If you really don’t want to buy another pc for gaming that’s fine. But save your butt and buy a second hard drive, install windows and your home software on this one and make a dual booth. That way if you crash, only your games crashes. I’ll just say that everytime you install a software, your performances are subject to be reduce. Hey if you don’t do that, you can also burn a working image of your hard drive and when you’ll crash (i’d say will), you’ll just have to transfer it back.good luck !!