Inexpensive Multitrack Digital Recording Part I

Are you a songwriter or musician who wants to record their music quickly, easily and cheaply? Want get your ideas in a fixed format such as an audio CD? This short guide to setting up a cheap audio home studio should help. It’s about using what works for you. You will learn how to multi-track using well-known and simple methods to get your music to your hard drive.

Will your recordings rival those made in professional studios? Probably not. But I think you will be pleasantly surprised at how well your music will sound. With a little effort and a small outlay of cash you too can record songs of sufficient quality to sell your music and amaze your friends.

Home recording archives

Home recording and general music posts archived from the Recording Website. Some of the info here is outdated but many of the audio recording and home studio tips are still good.

The Early Years – Post from the old threaded wwwboard
Archives 1 thru 12 contain home studio and audio recording tips from 2000
Archives 13 and 14 contain home studio and audio recording tips from the first two months of 2001

The Yabb Boards Posts from the first of the modern forums (Yabb).
This archive covers home and audio recording posts form February, March, April, May and June of 2001.
It is also when the Freedom Exchange first became part of the Recording Website so quite a few songwriting posts are in this archive as well.